Hot Today, Hotter Tomorrow

Pretty hot out there today, with the temp in most locations around 38C right now, but up to 41C in the middle of town. Here’s the forecast top temps for today:

…which is hot enough…but tomorrow looks even hotter:

We’ll see temps sitting around 41c, but likely up around 43c in town and away from the trees. Much cooler right on the coast. The good news is that once we hit Saturday it will be a lot cooler, with top temps looking like:

The cyclone currently moving towards the Qld coast was looking like it might head south and bring us some rain, but current modelling keeps it well to our north for the next week or so…We’ll likely see moisture from the cyclone streaming down our way through the weekend, bringing the chance of some showers and that cooler weather…but nothing like the totals it was initially looking like we would see. In other news models are still pointing towards a La Nina over our winter and into next year…something we’ll definitely keep an eye on. More on the latest forecasts early next month as the new model runs come out.

Thanks to Meteologix for the images, and likewise thanks to our hosts / sponsors:

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