This page shows a summary of current river conditions across our region. You can also check the live flood cams for a number of rivers across our via the Kombu FloodCam page. 

It is important to note that the rainfall and river data shown below includes real-time operational data from automated telemetry systems and has not been quality controlled. This information is provided in good faith and should never be relied on when travelling during floods or heavy rain. Please always check with the SES before driving when we have flooding in our area, and never drive through floodwaters.

Current flood status for key regional rivers are shown in the images below:

We have also added a detailed map for Coffs Harbour:

The Bureau of Meteorology provide detailed live river data for the Bellinger and Kalang rivers as well as for the Never Never Creek (which flows into the Bellinger just above the town of Bellingen). The data is updated every thirty minutes.

The level of flooding in Bellingen depends on the flow coming from the Upper Bellinger (which drains the mountains to the West of Bellingen) and more immediately by the Never Never Creek (which drains the range to the North of Bellingen).

Lavenders Bridge in Bellingen currently floods when the level in the chart below reaches approx. 4.5 metres. At approximately 6.5 metres the Waterfall Way is likely to be closed at Camerons Corner, blocking off the town from the coast. Camerons Corner can also be closed / reduced to one lane from strong run off during heavy rain events, though this usually clears more quickly than flooding from the Bellinger. At approximately 7.5 metres the Waterfall Way is likely to be blocked between Bellingen and Thora. Major Flood level is reached at 8.2 metres with extensive flooding and isolation likely at this height.

Live 4 days plot for the Bellinger River at Bellingen Bridge:

For the Bellinger at Thora the flood heights are:

Minor Flood Level – 3.0 metres, Moderate Flood Level – 4.3 metres and Major Flood Level – 5.8 metres.

Darkwood Road bridges in the Thora valley start flooding when the level in the chart below reaches approx. 3 metres.

Live 4 days plot for the Bellinger River at Thora:

The Never Never Creek feeds into the Bellinger River just upstream from Bellingen. It rises and falls much more quickly than the Bellinger river (take care on roads in the Promised Land at this time – it is easy to get caught in quickly rising waters). Live 4 day plot for the Never Never Creek below – though this plot can be unavailable for extended periods of time due to flood damage. If you see it showing the wrong information or not available please contact the BoM and let them know:

The Bellinger flows through Repton before arriving at the ocean. Minor Flood Level is 2 metres, with the Major Flood Level at 3 metres. Live flood plot for Repton:
The Kalang River is now included in the BoM Flood Warning System. We believe Moodys Bridge in the Kalang Valley currently floods when the level in the chart below reaches approx. 3 metres. As with other bridges this figure can vary significantly depending on local sediment deposition.

Live 4 day plot of the Kalang River at Kooroowi:

The Kalang River then flows through to Urunga. Flood levels are indicated on the live graph below:

Coffs Harbour has been subject to significant flooding from Coffs Creek on many occasions.

The current 4 day plot for Coffs Creek can been seen below:

Travelling further afield? The NSW Flood map is below:

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