Stormy Friday, then drier again…

A chance of storms today, showers through the middle of next week, then watching tropical developments...

Not much happening weather wise at the moment….so a quick post about today. We saw some decent storms around the Hunter yesterday as a trough moved through…and we have that same trough moving through our region today. We saw some decent storms inland yesterday ahead of the trough…and here is how it looked from just down Kalang Road – quite beautiful!

The storms yesterday remained inland…but today the trough will bring them closer to the coast. It’s worth keeping an eye on the radar as there could be some stronger storms out there….but also worth remembering that, as is usually the case, not all of us will see one. The forecast lighting for today and into this evening looks like this:

We’re likely to see a little more in the way of showers and perhaps storms as the next change moves through in the middle of next week, but models have been gradually reducing totals from that event…but with the warm ocean temperatures it is still something to watch, with the odd heavier total still likely on the hills. Beyond that we’re likely to see a significant cyclone develop off the NW coast of Australia in a week or so – here is how the forecast looks right now:

This one will have little direct impact for us, but could stir up the atmosphere enough to see some changes on our side of the country in a couple of weeks time…I’ll post again as we get closer. In the meantime I’ll be working on a complete overhaul of the Bellingen Weather site with the awesome team at Snapfrozen – expect to see some changes and upgrades over the coming weeks.

Images – Bellingen Weather / Meteologix / Tropical Tidbits

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