Stormy Friday

A look back at the storms that rolled through yesterday, a link to the BoM 2020 explainer, and a look at what we've got coming up...

A quick post looking at the storms from yesterday…and an update looking further ahead to what we’ve got to come.

We reached close to 39c in town yesterday in strong sunshine – so it was not surprising to see some strong storms develop and move across. Here’s how it looked on the radar:

…and here is how it looked in town as the cap broke and the storms started rapidly developing:

We’ve got another change moving through during the middle of next week. No huge totals likely but once again we could see some showers and storms develop with the chance of higher totals than we saw yesterday….and once that clears through we’re back into the dry again. Here’s the total forecast rain for the coming 10 days (most of which will occur in the middle of next week):

Once we get beyond that 10 day period there are some signs that it could get wetter once again. If you check out this forecast (which comes from a slightly different system but is useful for telling the story) here’s the forecast rain to day 15….and you can see the forecast increase between days 10 and days 15:

That last total comes from an ensemble of model outputs – some runs show less, some show a lot more…but overall it’s a good sign that we could turn wetter again as we head out a couple of weeks. This sits within the current longer term model forecasts, which show us wetter than average right into winter, so be prepared for some more rain.

Talking longer term, the BoM has just come out with a short explainer video looking at the climate drivers behind our weather in 2020 – and it makes for great viewing. You can watch it here.

Images: / Meteologix / Bellingen Weather

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