Storms everywhere but…

Where did the storms go? Everywhere apart from our region it seems. But there's still a chance over the coming week...

After a promising start (and some sharp showers for some) the southerly moved through our region early yesterday afternoon and stabilised the atmosphere. There were some HUGE storms around NE NSW through the afternoon – in fact pretty much everywhere apart from our region. Here’s the lightning map for yesterday – check out how stormy it got:

Evans Head received 60mm in an hour yesterday afternoon – but you can see the gap through our region. That gap has also been with us over the last few days – check out this amazing image showing lightning across N NSW over the previous three days:

The good news is that there is still the chance for some showers and storms over the coming week before it warms up and settles down again. Here’s the forecast charts for the coming 10 days. You can see the yellow and green cold upper temperatures through this week which offer the ongoing risk of showers and storms – and once again we can guarantee that some areas across NSW will see some decent totals – but that doesn’t necessarily mean us…before the uppers warm up a lot towards next weekend. That will significantly reduce instability and give us increasingly dry (and warm) days:

Looking further ahead there hasn’t really been any real shift in the outlook – wetter than average likely through summer before it starts heading back towards average conditions (which for autumn can still be quite wet) as we head towards winter:

Images: Meteologix / Tropical Tidbits / Bellingen Weather / MyFireWatch

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