SNOW Incoming!

it was a cold start to the day this morning – here’s how it looked in the Kalang Valley this morning – coldest of the season so far:

We’re up on a hill – so with those temps up on the hill you would be looking at a ground frost down in the valleys. Those low temps this morning are a sign of what is to come. We have a large pool of very cold air about to swing up across SE Australia. Here is how this week looks via the European model:

Everything about that says some severe weather to come. We’ll be more sheltered down in the valley and along the coast, but are still likely to see some rain as the change moves in through Wednesday. Then, as the winds swing more westerly and the colder air moves in up high we’ll see snow developing to our west. Here’s the Guyra forecast for Wednesday and Thursday:

There will be some widespread snow falling across the Northern Tablelands. This snow will likely make it as far north as the Queensland border, and right down south through the Alps and into Victoria. Here’s the snowfall map for today through the end of the week (and remember that as a rough rule of thumb you can multiply that total by 10 for snow depth):

By early Friday morning we could be looking at some significant snow depths across the mountains – check these totals out – 30cm+ possible across the Guyra region and high areas further south:

Looking like a snow chase day this Thursday – but with significant snow totals possible please take care and make sure your vehicle is equipped for the conditions 🙂

Images: Bellingen Weather / Tropical Tidbits / Meteologix

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