Where was the rain?

All around us yesterday. Sure many of you heard the storms rolling down the dividing range between Dorrigo and Coffs. They brought a very decent 75mm to Bonville yesterday. There was also a good storm that moved through to the south of town through the day yesterday, then more following up last night. 15mm in town over the last 24 hours which is a start…

Today we’re looking at a southerly change moving up from the south through the middle of the day. This will likely generate some showers as it moves through and clears out the really humid conditions. 2pm winds below – you can see the southerly roaring up the coast:

   The humidity levels will drop with the change – you can see the lower humidity levels to the south moving north with the change in this 2pm chart:

Once the change moves through it will dry up. Not much more in the way of significant rain likely this working week once todays change has moved through…but as I posted about over the weekend there are signs of a wetter spell coming up in the not too distant future. I’ll post more on that as we get closer. In the meantime enjoy the cooler change when it arrives!

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