Wetter Weather Ahead

Good storms for many yesterday, with more wet weather to come...

With a La Nina in full swing it looks like wetter weather is finally heading in. Here’s how the Pacific is currently looking:

No mistaking that one. Models indicate it could well strengthen further as we head towards mid-summer. That doesn’t guarantee rain for us, but it certainly increases the chances.

We actually saw some good rain for many late yesterday as storms moved through. Here’s the lightning strikes across our region yesterday:

…and looks like more to come over the next couple of weeks as low pressure starts digging in across eastern Australia. Here’s the forecast rainfall anomalies for the next three weeks – you can see the forecast is definitely on the wetter side:

Looking longer ahead the forecast into summer is also indicating that wet weather should continue. Here’s the latest forecast from the NMME ensemble covering November / December / January. The NMME is one of the one of the best models out there and it shows a strong signal across NE NSW and SE QLD:

Looking even further ahead models indicate a sharp peak in the La Nina in January before moving back towards neutral early next year. Here’s how it looks right now:

If that comes off expect it to dry out over winter. No real indication yet how we’ll go next Spring and Summer – more on that as we get a lot closer. Over the next week expect it to dry out for a couple of days before the risk of showers and storms increases late in the week and again late weekend and into early the following week.

As is always the case with the weather there are no guarantees, but it’s looking pretty good right now. For more significant upcoming events I’ll post specific forecasts, but right now you can just sit back and watch that grass grow!

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