Wet Weather Incoming?

After a very dry start to the La Nina, it looks like we could see some wetter weather moving in later this week....

After months of writing about wetter weather this summer…it looks like the first of it could be on its way later this week. Right now we have a regular cold change moving through – hot days -> storms -> cooler days. What happens at those times is that the weather moves in from the west:

What looks like happening this week is that the weather could start to move in from the east. You can see this in the animation that runs from 72 hours out to 192 hours:

What you can see is a wide and deep band of winds coming in off the very warm ocean…and what you can also see is the forecast for some colder air to pop up from down south, and potentially even cut off to our west. To add to the mix it even looks like a Coral Sea low could form – though *at this time* it looks likes it could remain to our east.

Warm wet air moving in from the east combined with cold air moving in up high is a classic combo for wetter weather. Add the mountains (forcing the air to rise as it moves in) and we could well see some ghood rains over the coming week. Here’s some of the forecast rain totals over the coming 7 days:

As with all things weather, it’s a chances game – so no guarantees of big totals…but definitely the highest chance for some time of seeing some substantial rains. As we move through this week I’ll update with the latest forecasts. If we do get big rains we’ve got the streaming floodcam on the Kombu website…but worth noting that with the current dry conditions it will take some decent rains to raise rivers substantially. By late week we will also have clickable time-lapse animations from the Bellingen Council / SES webcams on the same page.

Images: Meteologix / Tropical Tidbits Animations: Bellingen Weather

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  1. Kerry Cricket

    So not the time for visitors to drive up from Sydney for a 3 day weekend ?😔
    Love the rain but not fun for sightseeing activity.
    Love your posts..thank you
    Help to manage our day to day lives.

  2. Paul Netterfield

    Thank you for the news Kevin

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