Wet Weather Arrived – More To Come?

Good rains over the last few weeks and more to come - but how much will we see across our region?

Well the long forecast wetter weather for eastern NSW finally arrived over the last couple of weeks. We are now in a much better position than we were in last year. July rainfall totals below:

And this week we’ll see more wet weather across much of NSW. This is as a result of a complex upper system moving across. You can see it in the animation below – a pool of cold air moves in from the west coast – but most models show it diving to the south east just before it hits our region, which would significantly limit our rain totals:

…It is a complex pattern however so worth watching the forecasts over coming days, as a move to the north would mean a lot more rain for us. We’re still likely to see some rain as the system approaches, with 30 to 40mm likely…and once again some big totals likely to our south:

Worth emphasising that while we’re likely to miss the worst of the rain it’s a complex pattern and by no means certain – I’ll post again over the next couple of days if models trend north with the higher totals.

Whilst we’re into a wetter than normal pattern we are also still approaching fire season – and even in the wettest seasons we still see some fires break out across our region. North Bellingen Rural Fire Brigade are holding a free information session outside Kombu Wholefoods on market Saturday the 15th August from 9am to 12pm. They have a heap of free information and packs to take away so take the time to go and say hello and pick up some great information.

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