Stormy Tuesday?

We’ve got that long promised change coming through tomorrow. It looks like we’ll be sitting to the north of the low – and that means more chance of a stormy change coming in from the south west. Those lucky folk to the south of the low will be looking at onshore winds with showers and longer rain periods.

Below is animation I’ve just put together with images from Meteologix. It shows from 1pm Tuesday through 1am Wednesday. The first half of the animation shows the forecast lightning for tomorrow. You can see storms develop on the hills and then expand rapidly and move northeast into the late arvo – so there could be quite a lightning display to our north tomorrow evening. The second half of the animation is the forecast radar image for the same period. Again you can see the storms develop and move north east…but then the ‘radar’ image shows showers and rain hanging around once the storms move through. This is good news – with the ground so dry there is the risk of new fires from lightning strikes…so having some soaking rain come through afterwards would be a good thing. There is NO guarantee of this event happening as forecast – but with the forecasts in it’ll be interesting to compare what happens in real time compared to the forecast below.

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  1. Karen L9vell

    It will be so welcome,fingers crossed

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