Storms Today – But What’s To Come?

Storms Today – But What’s To Come? A beautiful little storm incoming as I type – and the radar shows storms across NE NSW today, which is great for areas to our north that have missed out so far:

EDIT – and sure enough that line moved through with some good totals in town. This animation shows the significant impact of the Coffs / Dorrigo range – helping storms form in our valleys and then, when the conditions are right, keep on keeping on right along the range – will be some good totals in Gleniffer from the storm train they’re sitting under:

Looking further ahead there are still signs that the forecast westerly winds will move north again through October and November…so whilst that doesn’t necessarily mean totally dry for us, it does increase our chances of seeing drier and windier weather than normal over the next couple of months. Here’s the latest forecast:

The latest accumulated rainfall totals for the next 6 weeks from the EC model show some big totals across NE NSW:

…but those forecast totals may well decrease significantly if the Antarctic pushes the westerlies further north…Still great to see some good totals being forecast – I’ll update the chart over the next few weeks and we’ll see if it sticks with the big totals. In the meantime please take them with a pinch of salt – they could well change.

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