Finally Here!

Showers today, with a lot more to come over the coming week.

After many months of promises it comes as quite a relief to see the wetter weather finally arrive. We’ve got humid winds moving down from the north and multiple upper and surface troughs developing and moving across eastern Australia over the coming week. Here’s an animation of forecast rain over the coming 10 days from three top models. Don’t focus too much on the detail…more on what they all show, which is the potential for some big falls right across the east of NSW:

Good rains for many, with the chance of some bigger falls across some parts of the east. There’s no agreement yet on exactly who will see the bigger falls, but worth being aware that there is a heap of moisture being transported south from the tropics, and some decent triggers across NSW will turn that into storms (some severe), showers and longer spells of rain. We could well see our wettest weather since the fire-breaking rains earlier on this year with the potential for rises in local creeks and rivers. The focus at this point appears to be late weekend and into early next week, but we’ll have the potential for showers and storms on most days right through the coming week. If higher totals look likely across our area I’ll post updates. In the meantime enjoy this fantastic weather!

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