Drier Three Months, Some Rain To Come

Some rain this weekend - but looking at this time that the biggest totals will be to our north...

Good morning Bellingen Shire. Good to see some cloud and rain moving in overnight and this morning – particularly when you see the rainfall deficiencies over the last three months:

As you can see it has been way drier than normal right along the coast. We’re likely to see some impact on those deficiences over the next few days…but right now it looks like the east coast low that develops could be a little too far to the east to give us big totals. Here’s the forecast position as it moves south past our region:

We’ll still see some showers and rain over the next few days, but models are indicating that the highest totals are likely to be to our north, before the low moves offshore to our south. Here’s the latest forecast to the end of Saturday from the BoM hi resolution model:

As you can see the highest totals are forecast to stick north of us. This is reflected in the current radar image:

…heavy rain falling to our north, as it has done for the last 12 hours or so…but much lighter showers for us. This is still a dynamic situation so we could still see the heavier falls make their way towards us…and even if we miss out on the heavy falls we’ll still see some showers from time to time…but now it’s time to keep an eye on the real time radar, and enjoy whatever rain makes it way towards us.

Images: BoM, Weatherzone, Meteologix

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