Warming Up…

Warming up over the coming week - and air quality now available in town...

A cool day today – and it’s been a fairly cool La Nina start to Spring. Here’s the forecast top temps today across NE NSW:

Definitely not a summer day…but it’s been getting hot across Northern Australia, and the weather pattern over the coming week is likely to bring some of that hot weather across our region. Here’s a sneak peak of initial temp forecasts for 9 days out from now:

We’re still a long way out from there, so easily long enough for that to change…but a heads up that the seasons are changing and with heat building inland we’ll likely see bursts of heat move through over the coming months…and the first one will likely come as a shock! I’ll post more as we move into this heat event.

Still likely to see a few showers and storms over the coming week – mainly over the hills and fairly well scattered – other than a few lucky locations we’ll be unlikely to see much from them. Here’s the latest 9 day forecast – not much around, and looking drier than was initially forecast:

Looking longer term it’s looking like it could get wetter again in the following weeks, but too far out for any detail right now.

In other news…as you may know Kombu Wholefoods runs the Bellingen Weather station in the centre of town. They have now added an Air Quality Monitor to the station – so you can see instantly how clean / healthy the air is in town. This will be useful for decision making on dusty / bushfire days. Live updates and recent history can be found on the Bellingen Weather homepage at www.bellingenweather.org

We are also working with the crew at Snapfrozen on a significant upgrade to the Bellingen Weather website – expect it to become a lot more mobile-friendly over coming months 🙂

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