Storms on the hills…and hot!

Hot today and hotter tomorrow, with storms likely, focussed on the hills...then chances of some big heat next weekend...All the details right here!

Looking like we’ve got some decent heat today, and particularly tomorrow…but tempered by the chance of storms (if you’re lucky and living in the hills)…Here’s the forecast max temps for today and tomorrow. You can see the decent heat spike as we move through tomorrow and the trough drags in some hotter air from the west:

With the current dry conditions we’ll likely see raised fire danger levels today, and more particularly tomorrow. The clear morning skies, higher humidity levels and heat will however give us the chance of some storms on the hills both today and tomorrow. Here’s the forecast lightning for the next three days…you can see the peak today, chance again tomorrow and then the whole lot moving north as the southerly change stabilises things across our region on Tuesday:

Could see some heavy rain with storms today – so if you’re lucky you could see some decent falls…but as I indicated earlier the best chances of seeing something decent will be up on and close to the hills. Might also still see some falls down in the valleys, but lower chance…

If you see good rain over the next couple of days it’s worth rejoicing. It’s dry out there right now, and it’s looking like we could see some decent heat move through next weekend. A LONG way off (and thus much more likely to change – take this as a heads up rather than a definitive forecast) but temps through next weekend and into the following week could hit very high values as a large area of significant heat moves in from the west. Initial forecast maximum temperatures for next Friday through the following Tuesday looking like this right now:

….Could see a decent November heatwave on its way…Worth emphasising again that these figures will likely chop and change over the coming week…so take this as a heads up of potential heatwave coming rather than a focus on the details. I’ll post more through the week as models firm up.

Always worth mentioning – the BoM are the official source of weather info across Aus – check their site for official forecasts and warnings. The RFS likewise offer official forecasts of fire conditions and threats – likewise worth keeping an eye on their sites over the coming couple of weeks.

Models – thanks to the fantastic Meteologix.

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