HOT Sunday, then a little cooler

Hot hot hot Sunday, but cooler again for Monday...and when is that rain coming?

Still looking like a scorcher on Sunday. Here’s the forecast max temps for our region:

That heat is going to hang around Northern NSW for a few days – but luckily for us some cooler changes will sweep along the coast and, other than tomorrow, keep most of the heat west of the ranges. Monday will be a lot cooler.

Still not looking like much rain along the NE NSW coast over the coming week. Here’s the current 10 day forecast:

Some good falls for the inland, but with a westerly bias we’ll see less in our region. But it’s a La Nina right? Yep – but all that does is weight the dice towards wetter weather, rather than guarantee it. Many regions have seen biger falls – just not the coastal strip….so far… The good news is that we’re entering our wetter time of year, and those dice are still weighted towards wetter than average conditions. Here’s the forecast sea surface temperature anomalies for summer – and you can see how much wetter than average the ocean temperatures are likely to be (sorry coral :((( ):

All that hot water means that, if the dice fall the right way, there is a heap of energy and moisture out there to bring some big rains. Models are still indicating that – here is the forecast for December from one of the top models:

Right now we are still waiting to see that wetter weather eventuate – but if and when it does we could see some big falls. As soon as that looks likely I’ll be posting about it. In the meantime try to stay cool!

Images: Meteologix / Tropical Tidbits

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