Heat Incoming…then wetter?

Looks like it could get really hot this weekend - but perhaps moderated by onshore sea breezes from time to time. Clearing later next week - and signs we could then see some wetter weather. All the details here...

The promised heat looks like it’s heading in…It’s developing now across the inland and will sweep across SE Australia through this weekend and into next week A few important bits of info for us close to the coast…this heat will move in, and will at times make it to the coast…but it also looks like we’ll see some moderating influences from time to time as the winds swings around to the east. It’ll be hot from this weekend into the middle of next week, with a couple of days of real heat (Sunday being one of them), but on the other days we’ll be hot, but with top temps likely moderated by the onshore winds.

Here’s how the temperature anomalies look from the GFS model – you can see the heat being generated and moving across before being swept away later next week – and note that it cools down a little from time to time close to the coast:

So what does that mean in terms of top temps. Peak day close to the coast could be Sunday…and the two top models forecast these max temps for that day:

The BoM has a heatwave warning out:

Heatwave Situation for Saturday, Sunday, & Monday (3 days starting 28/11/2020)
A large area of low-intensity heatwave extends over central Australia and the NT and into coastal NSW. A large area of severe heatwave can be seen over southern QLD, Northeast SA and Northern NSW. A small area of extreme heatwave can be seen near the mid north coast of NSW.

Once the heat clears through we could see some wetter weather (and cooler temperatures) over the following week. Looking like this in the models right now – big change from week 1 to week 2:

I’ll post more on the likely wetter weather as we get closer (and through this heatwave). Until then keep cool!

Images: Meteologix / Tropical Tidbits / BoM. Animations by Bellingen Weather

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