Dry Late Winter Week

Looking like a classic late winter dry spell coming up!

After recent rains we’ve got a dry week coming up, with traditional late winter westerly winds blasting through. Here’s how the weather charts look for the coming week – and you can see the westerly winds reaching a long way north through eastern Aus as a BIG low pressure centre and very cold uppers move through:

For our part of the world the 4pm winds each day through the next week look like this as a result:

You can see them sitting in the west for most of the week – and likely to get fairly gusty at times as well. Weather wise we’re going to see a heap of sunshine with very little rain. It’ll feel dry as well with dew points likely to drop into the negative at times later in the week. Here’s the latest 10 day outlook from EC (and looking similar from other models too):

Down south the resorts will likely see a heap of snow through the week with blizzards likely through the middle of the week (and some big accumulations over time).

Longer term outlooks are still looking wetter, so enjoy this beautiful spell of late winter sunshine coming up!

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