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The latest climate data for Bellingen.

Rather than a latest-weather post I thought you would like to see the latest climate data for our region. This is sourced from Copernicus data, is plotted using Plotly, and has just been released.

Monthly minimum, mean and maximum temperatures for Bellingen (1981-2010)

For the 1981-2010 reference period, the annual average temperature in Bellingen was 18.2°C.

Monthly average temperatures ranged from 12.6°C (July) to 23.0°C (January).

Warming stripes for Bellingen (1979-2018)

The colour of each stripe represents the temperature anomaly for a given year, or how much warmer (red) or colder (blue) that year was relative to the long-term reference period of 1981-2010 – you can see the gradual warming over time:

Monthly temperature indices for Bellingen (1981-2010)

The above graph shows the typical monthly percentage of days in Bellingen which are classified as:

Frost days: a day in which the minimum temperature is below 0°C;

Summer days: a day in which the maximum temperature is above 25°C;

Tropical nights: a day in which the minimum temperature is above 20°C.

The graph below shows the yearly percentage of each of the day types listed above, along with a five year rolling average, for the 1979-2018 period. You can see the increase in summer days, but not much of a change (thank goodness) in tropical nights.

Annual temperature indices for Bellingen (1979-2018)

Monthly average total precipitation for Bellingen (1981-2010)

For the 1981-2010 reference period, the average annual total precipitation in Bellingen was 1001 mm.

Monthly average precipitation totals ranged from 37 mm (September) to 140 mm (February).

The plot below shows the precipitation anomaly for each year in the 1979-2018 period, or how much more (blue) or less (red) precipitation fell each year as a percentage relative to the long-term reference period of 1981-2010.

Annual precipitation anomaly for Bellingen (1979-2018)

Monthly average maximum wind gust, speed and direction (1981-2010)

A thank you – this post comes with thanks to two local businesses – many thanks to Snapfrozen and Kombu Wholefoods for making the weather site, blog and floodcam possible.

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