Warming up, windy weekend to come, fire risk increasing

We’ve had a lovely cool start to the week – but that is going to change as we head through this week. The animation below shows the forecast maximum temperatures for today through Saturday – and you can see it getting warmer each day:

With the drier weather back with us we’ll also likely see an increase in the fire risk as we head through the week. With gusty winds moving in with the change over the weekend we could well see some raised fire danger ratings come the end of the week and into the weekend. Here’s the forecast wind gusts (note that these are forecast gusts – not average wind speeds, which will be much lower) for Thursday through Saturday:

…and sure enough the models are forecasting an increase in fire weather across Southern Australia later this week. You can see the danger levels rocket across South Australia through Thursday, then move east through Saturday:

Please note that these are model forecasts of fire danger levels and are not an official forecast – for those forecasts please use the RFS site. I’ll also post the official forecasts later this week.

Not much rain likely through the end of this coming weekend. Here’s the forecast totals from four of the top models:

A good week to once again make sure fire plans are in place and to keep an eye on the RFS Fires Near Me site / app.

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