Cold Now, Warming Up Quickly

Temperatures dropping quickly this afternoon as passing showers and storms mix down some cold air from up high. Not much in them in terms of rain – maybe a couple of mm – but some areas actually saw some good totals last night, with the Promised Land up to around 10mm. Here’s the temperature drop as the storms moved through this arvo from the Bellingen Weather Station:

And here’s how it looked on the radar, courtesy Weatherzone:

It might be cold now, with the temperature below 20C – but make the most of it with a very quick heat-up coming through this week. Here’s the forecast maximum temps for today through Saturday – and you can see the peak on Friday before the change moves through:

Combine those high temperatures on Friday with some dry and gusty winds and we’re likely to see elevated fire danger levels through the end of the week….worth keeping an eye on the official forecasts. Here’s the forecast wind gusts (note these are gusts, not average winds, so significantly higher) for Friday afternoon – you can see the peak along the range tops, but also likely to mix down into the valleys at times as well:

We’re likely to see temperatures rise again through next week with the potential for some more high temperatures later next week….something to be aware of. No sign of any really significant rain at this time. The local rivers are still dropping – here’s the latest Belliger chart for Thora. Currently sitting at 12ML/day – our next level of water restrictions kick in at 5ML/day, so some way to go before we get there. Note this graph does not start at zero, so looks worse than it is:

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