Stormy Midweek!

We’ve seen some storms over the last few days. Last night in particular gave some big totals across our region last night. Here’s an animation of what happened – you can see a line approaching from the west, but as it did you can also see storms developing on the deep north east inflow. Once you get that depth of moisture flowing in the potential for some big falls is definitely there:

Today we’ve got the peak of the upper trough moving through with some very cold air up high. Out walking this morning I was watching the rapid cloud development combined with moisture streaming in at lower levels from the ocean. With such cold uppers we’ve got a good chance of catching more showers and storms today, with hail a possibility – so definitely a day to keep an eye on the radar. Here’s the upper temps forecast for 2pm today – you can see the sharp trough moving through:

Looking ahead over the coming week we’ve got the chance of a few showers and storms – but MUCH less than we’ve seen over recent days. Saturday looks interesting, but it also looks like most of the action will be just to our north…but one to keep an eye on as it’s pretty close to us…

Beyond that the wetter signature carries on right through summer, with the following weeks again looking likely to offer showers and storms….but until then keep an eye on today and enjoy the green.

Images: weatherchaser / meteologix

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