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The Rural Fire service are receiving numerous calls about smoke in our valley this morning. Although the bigger picture across NE NSW is not good, right now there are NO fires that they are aware of burning in our valleys. With so many fires burning at this time we’re likely to see a lot of smoke over coming days but right now we are fire free across our area. Here’s the latest satellite image showing how much smoke is being generated across NE NSW:

As you can see the smoke is widespread. Don’t hesitate to call 000 if you see a fire or smoke column in our local area – but please don’t call for the widespread smoke we can see / smell in the air – this keeps the service available for when we really need it.

One other point (and I acknowledge an interest at this time as a local shop owner) – please keep supporting local stores. Times like these can have a real impact on our local towns. It’s easy to head out of town (and out of the smoke) but if you’re thinking of Christmas shopping / food shopping / eating out, please consider buying local and keeping our local CBDs thriving and viable.

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  1. Sandra Finn

    Thank you Kev yes shopping local is the go
    Thank you for all your community work time effort ❤

  2. Gai m

    Thank you Kev for all you do for us and yes definitely shop local x

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