Drier Weather Here…

After a few days of storms we’ve got the drier air finally winning the battle. The storms formed along the boundary between the more humid air to the north and the cold air trying to move in from the south. Totals over the last week look like this across NE NSW:

The recent rains have also brought the Bellinger up a little. Here’s the latest flow rate through Thora:

Great to see NE NSW finally get some wetter weather…but we have still got fires burning. The Andersons Creek fire to our west is still going to our west. Here’s the latest information on that fire from the RFS:

There were some decent storms around that area over the weekend, but with the dry and windy weather now here it won’t take long for it to dry out again. Here’s the 2pm wind forecast for today – westerlies right through to the coast:

Looking dry right through this week with westerly winds at time. Today will likely see the peak gusts – and once the air starts mixing down around mid morning expect to see some decent gusts – enough to take some branches down and potentially stir up fires.

Looking further ahead the BoM is forecasting drier and hotter than average conditions across our region right through summer. Worth noting that we are entering a wetter time of year for us, so drier than average can still give us some decent totals. Here’s the rain forecast:

And the temperature forecast:

This is on top of the biggest season for fires on record across NSW. The current map of areas burnt so far this season makes for devasting viewing – vast areas across NE NSW burnt right through:

So despite the recent rains with the dry weather back again and a fire burning to our west it’s another week to keep and eye on Fires Near Me. May the rains return soon.

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