Great rain in the valleys

A quick animation of the rain over the last few days…starting with the smoke from the fires and finishing with the clearing showers this morning:

You can see how well we do in these onshore situations from the rain total map covering the last 24 hours – big totals across the valleys but very little if any further afield – the hills wrapping around us do a great job squeezing the rain out of the sky – good for us but not so good for those inland:

The good news is that with the AAO staying positive for the time being there is every chance of picking up some more rain over the next couple of weeks. No huge totals looking likely but still no sign at this time of a return to the big dry:

Beyond that time period there is always the risk of the AAO turning negative (as a result of a sudden stratospheric warming that has just taken place)…which would increase the chances of seeing more dry and hot weather…but until that happens it’s great to be wet again!

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