Rain Coming Up?

Not going to be posting every day…but had to post these images – actually starting to look fairly decent for some rain over the next couple of weeks…and not just for in the valley but also up on the hills as well. Here’s the Bello rain forecast across a range of models for the next 10 days:

A good combination – multiple models showing rain coming – and across a number of days as well. We might not see huge totals but to clear the air and bring the fires under control will do for now. Also looking decent on the hills – here’s the forecast 10 day rain for the Billys Creek / Mount Hyland area:

Worth noting that even if we don’t get rain every day, the low chances indicated mean higher humidity levels and the chance for firefighters to get on top of the fire. Now here’s hoping it comes together – will believe it when I see it.

Temperature wise we’ll be on a downward trend once we get through today – here’s how the temperatures look across the next 10 days:

One more hot and dry (and smoky) day to get through before the change comes through – then radar watching to see what falls where….

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