Make the most of it!

How nice has the rain been over the last few days. We’ve been pretty lucky, with other areas missing out. You can see how isolated the rain has been in this map showing rain this month to date across NSW:

This map below is used by fire services to help assess fire risk. It shows how dry it has been the last 20 days across NSW – you can see the drier areas right around us, with the inland really missing out on any decent rains recently:

 So despite recent rains across our region, many other locations are running dry during this traditionally wetter time of year. Looking ahead there is little rain in sight over the next 10 days. Here’s the forecast rainfall from two models, the first from GFS:

..and this from ECMWF:

When models line up like this it’s a good sign that they are on the right path and more likely to be right. Little rain likely over the next 10 days, temps in the mid 20s, lots of sunshine likely 🙂 Great for us that have seen the rain, possibly a worry for others who are still dry.

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  • Hi Kevin
    I have not realised it was you the.BW man
    I have just been told by Sean
    What a wonderful part you play in out community thank you for you and your family for the time you give the most marvellous weather information which like never before in my 69 years has been so rewardingly accurate whoo hoo
    your amazing
    A million thank you’s Kevin BWM
    Sandra out at Gleniffer???

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