A Quick Blast Of Heat (And Fire?)

We’ve got a quick cool change coming through for tomorrow – but then a real blast of heat for the end of the Long Weekend. This blast of heat is likely to be a record breaker for some areas of SE Aus with temps up to 16C above normal. Here’s how it pans out from tomorrow through Wednesday:

That blast of heat on Monday is likely to bring significantly increased fire danger levels once again, with the potential for fire bans on Monday if the forecasts continue to look as they currently do:

This is NOT something the RFS (or local residents) would be looking forward to, with big fires still burning up on the plateau. The good news is that it will cool down again later in the week.

Beyond that is up in the air. The weather patterns look like they’ll become more volatile over time – so that means an increasing risk of fire weather, but also an increasing risk of some decent rain, if cold pools make it far enough north. It’s definitely looking like being an interesting time weather-wise – keep tuned!

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